Here's where you'll find all the effects we currently have in production. Be sure to check back often, too, because you never know when something new will appear!

The io Super-Distortion
So much gain, it makes women, children (and some grown men) cry. TWO versions: Etched and Hand-Painted!
Price: $150 (Etched) or $200 (Painted).


The Peach
The Peach Custom Fuzz
Hairy fuzz with massive sustain — and no farts. TWO versions: Etched and Hand-Painted!
Price: $140 (Etched) or $200 (Painted).


THE PRESET Favorite Switch
A small favorite switch for your Strymon delay pedals.
Price: $45 or $49 (without/with TRS cable).


The Pulse
The Pulse Tap-Tempo
A small and simple tap tempo. TWO versions: Etched and Hand-Painted. Nine color options to choose from.
Price: $35 (Etched) or $60/$65 (Painted).


The PURE Clean Boost
Enough clean headroom to make your mother proud.
Price: $140.


The Switch
The Switch A/B Channel Switch
Split your personality as needed, when needed. TWO versions: Etched and Hand-Painted!
Price: $70 (Etched) or $130 (Painted).


The TUA Metalcore Distortion
This distortion makes Perdition seem like a rose garden. TWO versions: Etched and Painted!
Price: $170 (Etched) or $200 (Painted).


The Little Monster
The Little Monster
This is the tube overdrive sound your amp wishes it could make.
Estimated Price: $120.


Fidelity at its lowest, vocally or instrumentally.
Estimated Price: $100.



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