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Guitar: Reverend Manta Ray Hollowbody, bridge pickup position with the tone at 10. The io's Tone is at 12 o'clock (neutral), and the Gain is at 5 o'clock (max). This is a basic rhythm example, showcasing a nice open sound.

Guitar: Reverend Manta Ray Hollowbody, bridge pickup position, tone at 10. The io's Tone is at 12 o'clock (neutral), and the Gain is at 3 o'clock. This shows-off complex chording.

Guitar: Les Paul, bridge pickup, tone at 50%. I start off playing clean so you can hear my amp, then I play the same progression with the io's Gain at 12 o'clock, then the same progression with Gain at 3 o'clock, and finally with the gain maxed-out.

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Welcome to io, where your super-distortion hunt finally ends. Packed with high-gain transistors and meticulously hand-picked components, the io is one of the fattest, heaviest, most gut-churning, Marshall-on-steroids dirt boxes around.

Three simple controls let you unleash the grit: Volume, Tone, and Gain. The Volume control does just what you'd expect. The Tone control works as a roll off, so turning it counter-clockwise will roll off high frequencies and keep the low frequencies intact ("adding" bass), and turning it clockwise will roll of low frequencies and maintain highs ("adding" treble). This type of control keeps the original input signal intact, just as your guitar sent it, so the circuit adds no coloration. The Gain control lets you set just how distorted you want your sound to be.

The io Super-Distortion comes in two flavors: Etched and Hand-Painted. The etched finish is hand sanded and polished, and sports metallic red paint in the recesses. The painted version begins with a coat of metallic red paint — then, each pedal is hand distressed, burned, and charred to taste so that no two are alike. When you get yours, be sure to take a nice, long, up-close look at all the detail.

As with all my effects, only the finest quality parts are used: cast aluminum shells, Switchcraft jacks, individually selected transistors, carbon resistors, high-end capacitors, and personally designed plate-through PCBs. The io is true bypass, sports a 9-volt center pin negative (BOSS style) DC jack, and an internal battery clip. Current draw is approximately 3mA. Made by hand, one at a time, here in the USA.

You can read more about etching here.

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Due to a recent back injury, I am unable to build effects for the time being, so I have removed the purchase option. Check back again for updates.

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