July 19, 2011

More Than Pedals

As most of you know, RAILhead Effects is just me and my wife, which is great. We get to work together, spend time together, and we actually enjoy being around one another (most of the time). Being self-employed lets us work on other projects we have a passion for, too, and the other big thing we're involved in is a non-profit I created named Compassion4.

Compassion4 Banner

Compassion4's goal is to provide assistance in improving the lives of children and other impoverished individuals in third world countries around the globe, and we do that through scholarship programs, transition homes, and mentoring programs. We're currently focusing on Cambodia, where we help kids that are aging out of a local orphanage we work with by setting them up in a transition home with another Compassion4 team member. This team member helps transition this youth — who has known nothing but rural orphanage life — into living in the urban Phnom Penh. We help send these kids to University, we help them with training school, trade school, and we help them learn to give back to their community, etc., etc. Obviously there's a whole lot to this — more than I'll spend here. But, I thought some of you may be interested in knowing what the guy that builds your guitar pedals does when he's not building your guitars pedals.

So drop on over to the Compassion4 web site and check us out as we start to grow and expand.




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